Corneotherapy is a complex approach to skin health improvement, that combines proper analysis, diagnosis, agre appropriate treatment plan, and home care protocol.

Aesthetise Corneotherapy Clinic based in our office is happy to offer you the following treatments:

1. Skin Analysis and Diagnosis using ObserveTM technology

2. Dermaplaning skin rejuvenating treatment. Using a special instrument, the old skin is safely removed to reveal a fresh new you.

3. CellumaTM LED multi-symptom treatment: inflammation, irritations, acne, pain, sensitivity, collagen loss.

4. Skin Detox treatment: removing toxins, blocking normal skin functioning and affecting healthy skin regeneration. Ideal first step before undergoing any body contouring and reshaping treatments.

5. Eye lifting and firming.

6. Enzyme Pore Tightening Treatment

7. AHA Acid peel with collagen restructuring

8. Collagen Loss Correction

9. Tender Care Treatments. Specially designed protocols for those undergoing oncology treatments, recovering from them, or suffering form autoimmune disorders. The product that is used during the treatments was specially selected by Oncology Aesthetics International for its safe nutrition and proven effectiveness. The treatments are provided by an Oncology Esthetics International trained corneo-therapist.