Moxibustion Moxa lamp  therapy device origin from China age-old moxibution therapy. It overcomes the problems as smoke, fire, pollution, unsafe and unconvenient operation of traditional  moxibution therapy become a new design with no smoke, no fire, no pollution, apply electric equirement control that use convenient and safe. Moxibustion moxa lamp through electric heating moxa, release the active ingredient of Chinese herbal medicine moxa oil, through the medrian acupoint effect on human body base on Chinese medicine medrian theory, achieve effect of clearing dampness and coldness, enrich and nourishing the blood, warm nourishing the meridian. The red light is mainly 600~700μm red light wave band that visible, the wave band has a chemical effect on the organisms, the mitochondria in the cells absorb maximum of red light, so that produce an important biological effect.

Traditional moxibustion lamp through many years widely application, the market is mature, product function and technology of Leawell moxibustion lamp is top one in the industry. No matter surface design, product material, human ergonomic design, customer experience and operation, new mutilfunction moxa lamp  superior than traditional moxibution therapy device, it’s the first mutilfunction smoke free moxa lamp in domestic, widely use in beauty salon, health club, household, experience store ect, that’s a popular beauty moxibution therapy device. Moxibustion helps to increase blood circulation, tonify energy and stimulate digestive system function as well as boost the immune system. Moxibustion comes in different forms including direct and indirect moxibustion.                                      
Moxibustion has been applied for hundreds of years in Asia, but it was only until a few years, that this unknown theraputic method became popularised in the West. Thanks to the open mindedness to new alternatives in the West, today it is possible to resort to the use of moxibustion.
This technique has been found mainly useful for certain conditions, such as:
  • Back pain, stiff back and neck
  • Painful menstrual-related systems
  • Stimulation of appetite
  • Improves blood circulation and stimulates the production of hemoglobin, resulting useful in cases of anemi
  • Improving our immune system
  • Combating fatigue
  • Helping reduce stress
  • It is useful for certain cases of infertility
  • It can help regulate digestion

$25 – 20 min